Accidentally or Windows Update automatically download and install KB940510 Update for Windows Vista? The KB 940510 update installs a detector or sniffer that scans through the Windows Vista system if it’s been installed or tampered with activation crack or exploit to illegally bypass product activation requirement and use Vista without legitimate license or product key.

If indeed you’re using a detectable activation cracks or exploits, such as Paradox OEM BIOS Emulator and TimerStop grace period stopper, KB940150 patch will detect the cracks and display a message that activation exploit has been found on the system. Two commonly found exploits are SL07-001 or other SL07-006.

If you have accidentally install KB940510, or let Automatic Updates install the update without knowledge, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to easily uninstall or remove KB940510 update (in fact, it may be one time check or detection on the existence of activation exploits only). For whatever reason, KB940510 has proved to be no harm (deactivation of Vista), yet, but if you want to be safe, and just found out that the KB940510 has been installed, knowingly or unknowingly, AND, you HAVEN’T restart the computer, here’s a trick submitted by VistaMe to effectively remove and uninstall the KB940510 without trace.

After installing Vista KB940510 and BEFORE restarting the computer (You can check if the KB 940510 is installed or not from Install Updates list), search for all “wgaer_m*” files using Advanced Search. Make sure that you select all local drives or everywhere as searched location, and check the option to include non-indexed, hidden, and system files. You will likely see one or two files starting with wgaer_m. Delete all files found and then restart the computer. All detection will be done, and Vista computer will be working as per normal.