Many users tend to set their Windows XP Automatic Updates on so that the OS will routinely check the Windows Updates Web site for new high-priority Windows security patches, critical updates, hot fixes, service packs, etc to protect the computer from the latest security threats. Leaving the Automatic Updates feature in activated mode is convenient for users so that the updates can be done automatically. However, many users with updates installed sometimes might have software compatibility or other random technical problems. If this happens, the easiest way to resolve it is to remove the newly installed updates and revert the system to its prior state.

To remove the updates installed, users can go to control panel and use the remove program feature to remove/uninstall the newly installed file. Alternately, a free tiny utility, Windows XP Update Remover, will be useful.


Windows XP Update Remover is a free Windows application which allows users to quickly and completely remove or uninstall the updates installed in the computer. Windows XP Update remover will remove $NtUninstall backup folders and associated uninstalled information from the computer. Users can download the free Windows XP Update Remover via the link here. Once the program is installed, users will see a complete list of Windows updates installed in the computer. Users can thence choose the updates to be removed.