The popular free calls app Viber, has finally released a new version of Viber app for iOS devices which supports SMS text messaging. The ability to send free SMS text messages between Viber users are originally promised by end of February, and after a month delay, Viber version 2.0 (v2.0.1 as the initial first release was pulled few hours after been posted for further bug fixes) has been made available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with free text messaging function, together with some user interface changes and bug fixes. Unfortunately, Android users still have to wait for the arrival of Viber to Android platform.


Changes and Features of Viber version 2.0 (2.0.1):

  • Send and receive free SMS text messages to and from all Viber contacts, with a new tab called Messages and new “Free Text Message” button been added to Viber contact details.
  • Push notification of incoming messages.
  • Favorites tab location changed to within the top of Contacts tab.
  • Improved calling mechanism with “Calling” state indicates that Viber is now connecting to the other party; “Ringing” state indicates that the other party’s Viber, is now actually ringing (note that a call can still be established even if the “Ringing” state is not shown).
  • “Don’t show again” option was added for to the “Place a regular carrier call” inform dialog.
  • Ability to deactivate Viber account.
  • Improved Viber recognition engine for missing contacts with Viber installed.
  • Improved Badges to show the number of missed calls and unread messages.
  • Fix the “stuck on answering” bug.
  • Improvement to the time it takes calls to connect.

Viber Free SMS Text Messages

It appears that Viber cannot send group SMS text messages to multiple or many recipients, and only basic SMS with text can be sent with no support for images, video and audio multimedia messages (MMS). Else the free Viber will surely put an end to WhatsApp Messenger, which has been the the app of choice on iOS platform (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) for free SMS and MMS text and media messaging though 3G cellular data network, although it’s not free and requires payment of $0.99.

With Viber 2.0, the developer has encouraged users not to kill Viber app runnning in the background (how to kill and terminate background apps on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) to improve user experience. Allowing Viber to stay in background can ensure that user always get incoming call and incoming message notifications, and that an incoming Viber call is rejected as “busy” when user is on a regular call.

Download and install Viber from iTunes App Store.

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  • arham

    hi>>i have an iphone 3g..ios unable to install viber on my phone..please help me..

    • @arham –

      Please note that Viber does not officially support iPhone 3 and below nor iOS4.2 and below at this stage, and this is probably the reason for the problems you’re experiencing. We are considering to roll back Viber in AppStore only for iPhone3 and iOS4.2 users, so that they can use an older version of Viber, that’s compatible with their phone, but we are not yet sure when this will happen.

      We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, and we recommend that you stay tuned for updates and news through AppStore or via our official Facebook page.

  • mona

    actually i want to download viber in mu pc on andriod emulator bit its nit working from googles plays the eroor comes “you haventa ceed google play store application (the white shoping bag icon) on your device with this email account plz gude me

  • i want to upgrade my Ipod touch on tha latest version of viber. how can i download the latest version?

  • Sharon

    Hi, i am from malaysia. I have problem of viber setup on my iPod touch, it do not actually continue after I entered my number, how can I make the setup work? I am connected to the wifi because I can get online. Thanks for helping as well. :)

  • This is a member of the Viber Development Team!

    Thank you for your review of Viber. we are very happy that so many people worldwide are interested in our application.

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.



    • Katie47

      Hi, im from Croatia. I have Samsung galaxy 3 (or Samsung i5800) and on it i have Viber application, but when im calling my friend it always says that hes busy o.O please help?

      • Hi Katie47

        Please note that Viber does not officially support your device yet, and that may be the reason for the problems you are experiencing. Here is the full list of officially supported devices:
        We are continuously working to adapt Viber to more and more devices, and we hope to attend to the problems with your device soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

        Meanwhile, we recommend you (and the other party) to test Viber on a few different WiFi networks and see if Viber works fine on any of them.

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