HTC designs and manufactures HTC Universal for various cell phone network operators. So HTC Universal is been marketed as various brand such as T-Mobile MDA Pro, Qtek 9000, O2 Xda Exec, Orange SPV M5000, i-mate JASJAR, Dopod 900, Vodafone v1640, Vodafone VPA IV, E-Plus PDA IV, Grundig GR980 and etc. Some mobile service provides has implement SIM lock feature that controls that type of SIM cards that are acceptable in the phone based on one or more of the following criteria such as countries, phone networks, providers and SIM types (i.e. only specific SIM cards can be used with the phone).

There is now an utility tool to unlock the HTC Universal based devices by oneself. The SIM Unlocker will unlock the device and the unlocking process can be done by onself at home. Beside, the data and configuration of the phone will not be erased by the Universal SIM Unlocker too. It also makes the device SuperCID.

The unlocker is available for free at buzzdev.