UPEK fingerprint sensor is another device that Windows 7 may not have ready driver upon installation, or even after searching in Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Windows 7 includes a new Windows Biometric Framework which makes integration easier and more consistent to help deliver enhanced reliability, compatibility and usability of fingerprint-based solutions. Thus, fingerprint reader driver for Windows Vista may not work best or may not work properly in Windows 7.

UPEK authentication hardware and software are integrated into laptops from the world’s largest PC makers, as well as Eikon USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, and mobile phones from leading manufacturers. Nevertheless, UPEK has released biometric software with fingerprint sensor driver that compatible with and support Windows 7, albeit is a pre-release preview version.

If the fingerprint sensor device on your computer is provided by UPEK, then download the latest driver for Windows 7 from the following URL (registration required):

x86 (32-bit): http://www.upek.com/support/downloads/windows7/w7x86.asp
x64 (64-bit): http://www.upek.com/support/downloads/windows7/w7x64.asp

2 packages are available for free download – UPEK biometric software for Windows 7 – basic package with device drivers, WBF adapter, and a simple enrollment application, and supports only the basic Microsoft-provided features: Windows Logon and UAC support, and UPEK biometric software for Windows 7 – Protector Suite 2009 with device drivers, WBF adapter, and the full Protector Suite 2009 for Windows 7, and supports both the basic Microsoft-provided features (Windows Logon and UAC support) and additional biometric features: Fast User Switching support, Password Bank, Application Launcher and File Safe. Only one is required to be downloaded and installed.

After installing the latest driver with WBF support, the original TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor should change to TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor (WBDI) in the Biometric Devices branch in Control Panel. Currently, the driver supports fingerprint readers in TCRZ, EIKON TCD50 TCS4CB USB Readers, and TCS3-TCD41, TCS3-TCD42, TCS5-TCD50D, TCS4-TCD50 chipset in embedded systems. Laptops with integrated fingerprint sensors based on TCS4 sensor only solution are not supported.