It seems like the need to use Gmail storage space as the free online backup storage space and using of Gmail Drive Windows Shell namespace extension to create virtual drive sharing Gmail content may come to an end. Google has officially allowed any type and format of files to be uploaded to Google Docs, effectively make it as long-rumored GDrive.

Previously, only some file formats and extensions that related to Office productivity files are allowed to be uploaded to Google Docs. For example, .HTML file and plain text (.txt), Word document (.doc, .docx), rich text (.rtf), OpenDocument text (.odt), StarOffice (.sxw), PowerPoint presentation (.ppt, .pps), comma separated value (.csv), Excel spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx) files and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods).

For now on, all file type and file format with any file extension can be uploaded to Google Docs. For example compressed ZIP (.zip), WinRAR archive (.rar), executable (.exe, .msi, .com), and most important, music or song file (.mp3), video file (.avi, .mpg, .rm), photos and pictures (.jpg, .gif, .png) and etc. All uploaded files can be kept private, made public to share with everybody or selected users only. Some supported file types even can be opened and previewed directly within Google Docs.

Upload Any File Types to Google Docs (GDrive)

The only caveat is that the maximum file size allowed to upload and store on Google Docs is 250 MB. And Google Docs provides free 1 GB, independent of free 1 GB for Picasa Web Albums, and still growing free 7+ GB for Gmail. Although the free disk space for Google Docs is not big by today standard (Windows Live SkyDrive gives 5 GB free space), Google provides additional storage space to be purchased.

Want to start uploading now? Just head to Google Docs, and click on “Upload” button.