Nowadays, there are many chances that hackers and people with malicious intents use the AutoRun or AutoPlay features as a source for virus or Trojan to infect the computer. AutoRun or AutoPlay automatically run preset setup or program when a removable drive such as USB or FireWire portable hard disk, memory stick, flash drive and even CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc been inserted into computer or optical drive.

To protect the computer from been infected with virus, malware or Trojan unknowingly, getting a USB drive vaccination tool such as USB Defender can be a good idea. USB Defender can prevent the USB drives from becoming a source of infection, by preventing autorun.inf from automatically executing.

USB Defender is a free utility that comes with “Protect” and “Unprotect” button on it. The “Protect” button is use to vaccinate the drive, while the “Unprotect” button is to remove protection. After selecting any drive, program will automatically detects, if there is any protection active and only one button will be available for users. When a USB stick or USB flash drive running AutoRun file is inserted or plugged into the computer’s USB port, USB Defender can detects the presence of AutoRun file and automatically execute a series of pre-configured countermeasures.

Features of USB Defender:

  • Fully portable
  • Much more powerful and easy to use then Panda USB Security, USB Threat Defender and others
  • Supports any Windows file system
  • Absolutely free
  • Impossibly easy GUI interface
  • Protection auto-detect function
  • Very fast in work
  • Only one exe-file
  • Most powerful protection of all similar programs
  • Totally clean

Users who intent to use the free utility can download USB Defender directly: