When USB drive is inserted into USB port, some programs may auto run without any notification and this has created the chance for viruses and other willful programs to be spread in your system. How to ensure all auto run programs are free from malicious programs? Now there is an application name as USB FireWall which is able to protect your PC from infected by any auto run programs as soon as USB device is inserted to USB port.

USB FireWall is an application that runs in background and is able to block all viruses and willful programs which try to spread in your system as soon as USB device is inserted. When it detects any suspicious program, it will pop up a window with Delete and Cancel button. If you choose Delete, it will remove all infected files and associated autorun.inf almost immediately. If you choose Cancel, no action will be taken and the infected files will still remain in your USB peripheral. Besides auto detecting potential infected files from USB device, it is also able to detect the presence of any malicious programs from local drive by stopping them from launching. Nevertheless, its functionality is limited when comes to certain extend, an antivirus software is more appropriate in dealing with such situation.

USB FireWall version 1.1.3 is freeware and is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista. Consume around 1.2 MB of your hard disk space, it is worth to install to protect your computer systems from being attacked by virus in USB device.