Have you ever forget to unplug your tiny thumb drive from PC system whenever you have finished the file transfer or usage? It may post a potential confidential file exposure especially when you are using public computers. Now with this software utility, you no longer need to worry about this. Named as USB Stick Watcher, it is a very useful software utility that can keep reminding you whenever your thumb drive is plugged into the system so that you don’t leave your important data behind when leaving the public place.


This is especially useful for those that always do file sharing or transfer in shared PC such as cybercafé, lab or etc. By adjusting the interval (from 15 minutes up to 3 hours) at own preference, the reminder message (editable) will prompt at respective intervals until the USB thumb drive is removed from the PC.

Only one drawback, users will still need to first install the USB Stick Watcher into the PC system for it to work correctly and it would be really nice if the utility can stay in thumb drive and launch each and every time when plugging into the public PC automatically. Anyway, users can try to download the freeware for immediate use if you think it suits your needs.