Data loss, hackers’ attacks, villain software and virus infections are some of the common problems encountered by users. These problems can create tremendous damage if they are not handled seriously. Users might lose important and confidential data or the whole computer system might crash. Besides the conventional ways to protect the system, e.g. via antivirus, firewall, periodically maintenance, etc, USBfever has introduced an interesting device dubbed USB Windows IceBox (Freezer) which offers another alternative security layer to protect concerned users.


USB Windows IceBox (Freezer) is shaped like a normal pen drive but it is not meant for file storage. This tiny gadget functions as a system freezer which will “freeze” users’ hard drive when it is inserted or plugged in. In broad terms, it will temporary lock the designated partition in users’ hard drive and prohibit any changes to the hard drive. Users can still perform the normal operation, e.g. surf internet, read file, watch video, etc, but these operations are temporary and there will not be any changes made to the hard drive. Once users shut down their PC and reboot it (with USB Windows Icebox is connected), users will find their system restored to its previous state and all original data will be recovered. The freezer also gives some flexibilities which allows users to set certain directories in a frozen partition as “opened directories” whereby users can still rewrite and save documents without being affected even though the hard drive’s partition is frozen.

USB Windows IceBox is another practical security solution which can help users to enhance their personal data security and system safety. By plugging in this device, users can be more relaxed when they leave their computers in the office or at home. This Icebox creates an additional security layer to prevent naughty children or careless colleagues from accidentally deleting your hard work or important data which have been prepared after burning the midnight oil for a couple of nights.

The tiny USB Windows IceBox costs US$18.99 and features 128M memory. It works well in the Windows platform and supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.