logo.gifDue to busy schedule, sometimes it is very difficult to get all your team members or your team of consultants to sit down together to discuss a project in a meeting. Some might not be free, some might be late, etc. If you have this problem and intend to reduce the hassle to coordinate all team members to attend a discussion or meeting, you can try out Cozimo, a real time collaboration tool which allows you to collaborate and review digital contents such as images, video and documents with your teammates.

The idea of Cozimo is not new. Similarly, there are also other applications with the same features like ConceptShare, Octopz, and ReviewBasics. There are various subscription packages offered by Cozimo. Users are allowed to start up with a free personal account and then they can upgrade or downgrade the packages in accordance to their needs. To use Cozimo service, the project leader need to login to Cozimo. He will be led to a personlized home page which gives him a summary of the most recent file activities and messages from all the project workgroups he is involved in. If there is any project he intends to discuss with his team member, for instance discussion on a design, he will upload his file to Cozimo and create a workgroup for the project. He will then drop an email to his team members in the workgroup. When the team members click on an image in the email, it will automatic launch Cozimo’s collaboration tool. All the team members can mark up and leave comments on the image or video in question. Users can also use the chat windows to talk in real time. Besides images, Cozimo also work with video clips. Team members can see the video play in real time and leave remarks on particular frames.
Screenshot of Cozimo