talk_logo1.gifTo encourage better communication with website or blog visitors, Google has released an instant communication tool called “Google Talk chatback badge” which allows blog or website visitors to chat with the blogger or website owner even if the visitors haven’t signed up for Google Talk or created a Google Account. Unlike conventional communication method via leaving comments, Google Talk chatback badge service allows visitors to chat to the bloggers or website owners instantly if they are online. The instant communication can be made directly amongst two parties and the conversation is private.

To initiate the Google Talk chatback badge service, users need to create a badge and put it in their blog or website. The badge will display their online status next to their name (status available, busy, offline) and visitors can directly chat to the bloggers or website owners. Since the Google Talk chatback badge service uses web-based platform, visitors do not need to download or install anything. A new Windows will be prompted out which allows both parties to chat. As in other instant messengers, both parties can continue chatting while browsing the net.

If you are interested to try this communication tool and create your chatback badge, just visit Google Talk.

If you’re using a Google Apps account, you can create a chatback badge by visiting Google Talk Domain where DOMAIN is the name of your domain. From the page, copy and paste the HTML into the page where you want the badge to be displayed. You’ll know it’s working if you see a large Google Talk bubble showing your current online status along with the message ‘Chat with [your name]’ (or whatever you selected as your badge title).