In many occasions we need to open multiple Windows and display all of them on the screen at one time for working purpose. For instance, you need to refer some charts while writing your analysis report. Of course you can open multiple Windows in the same way that you open a single Window and adjust or align them manually so that all Windows can be fixed and shown into the screen. To save your time on doing this, GridMove probably is a right tool that can help you to manage your Windows better.

Gridmove is a free program which can help users to define a visual grid on their desktop. Users can thence use the application to move Windows; resize Windows; display multiple Windows on cascade or on mosaic, etc. It makes Windows management become much easier. Gridmove comes with some preset grid templates that can be re-customize or swapped later. You can execute Gridmove and get your multiple Windows organized properly and easily. With Gridmove, it also helps users to maximize the usable space of the monitor, by resizing the windows in a much easier way than moving and resizing them one by one.

Gridmove latest release is Gridmove 1.19.42. Users can get this helpful tool via the download link here. Also read the key features here:

• 3 different interaction methods to suit everyone’s likes
• Several pre-made grid templates that can be easily swaped
• Ability to set windows on top and maximize them vertically or horizontally
• Full keyboard support, which can organize windows with one hotkey press
• Customizable hotkeys
• Customizable interface
• Possibility to create dynamic custom grids
• Complete help file
• MultiMonitor Support
• Easy install/uninstall.