It’s pretty easy to change time zone by using Control Panel’s Date and Time applet GUI. In Windows 7, the operating system also includes a command line utility named TZUtil.exe, which allows user to change a system’s timezone by typing command in Command Prompt window.

TZUtil or Windows Time Zone Utility can be used to display current time zone ID or set the system timezone to specified time zone ID, with support to disable Daylight Saving Time adjustments (if applicable) for the time zone with _dstoff suffix.

How to Use TZUtil to Set or Display Time Zone

  1. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories, and click on Command Prompt, or simply type Cmd in Start Search and hit Enter.
  2. Use the following TZUtil syntax to construct the command:

    TZUTIL <? | /g | /s TimeZoneID[_dstoff] | /l>

    Parameters available is /? (displays usage information), /g (displays the current time zone ID), /s (sets the current time zone using the specified time zone ID, with the _dstoff suffix disables Daylight Saving Time adjustments for the time zone), and /l (lists all valid time zone IDs and display names).

    For example:

    TZUTIL /g
    TZUTIL /s “Pacific Standard Time”
    TZUTIL /s “Pacific Standard Time_dstoff”
    TZUTIL /s “GMT Standard Time”

    The last command will set the PC time zone to Greenwich Meridian Standard Time (GMT or UTC).

    Tip: To get a list of available time zone IDs, type TZUTIL /l.

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