Many users make use of Microsoft Office Outlook as a personal information manager to manage personal stuff such as emails, contacts, things to do, event scheduling, etc. If you are on the Facebook social network and also using Microsoft Outlook to handle your personal information, there are a few Microsoft Outlook add-on applications for Facebook you can probably install. You can even integrate some of your Facebook features into Microsoft Outlook.


Most of your Facebook contacts upload their profile photos into their Facebook accounts for easy identifying. Instead of downloading these profile photos and integrating them into your contacts in Outlook, you can try OutSync, a free Windows desktop application that can sync your Facebook friends’ profile photos with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7, OutSync will search through your Facebook account once you have granted the access permission. The sync utility will list down all the matching cases for you to confirm the synchronization process. You can filter manually the contacts if you want to double ensure the matching contacts. Once the synchronization is completed, you will find your friends’ photo from Facebook also appearing on your Outlook contact list.

OutSync can be downloaded via the link here.


Fblook is another good companion for Facebook enthusiasts who use Microsoft Outlook. This free and handy Outlook add-on application allows you to update your Facebook status, see your friends’ status and see notifications of new requests (friend requests, new messages, pokes, etc) without having to open the browser or any other applications. Everything can be done by using Outlook. Besides, another advantage of Fblook is that you can set your Facebook status to the name of the song you’re playing in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Once this application is added to Microsoft Outlook, users will notice a few buttons added to the menu toolbar. Users need to enter their login name and password before Outlook can connect to users’ Facebook account and start retrieving information.

Download Fblook via the link here.


Xobni is another Microsoft Outlook plugin that can display profile and friends’ pictures, status messages and even recent updates to Facebook profile. Via this application, users can get their friends’ latest updates in Facebook via Microsoft Outlook. Check out the post about Xobni.