Adobe Acrobat Reader is very popular and commonly used to view and read pdf files. It is available free and it is easy to use. There are some plug-in or add-on programs available which can interact well. These addon programs provide some additional functions and enhance the host application’s functionality.

PDF Snake
PDF Snake is a very useful Acrobat Plug-in that allows users to do a lot of editing work. You can use PDF Snake to make booklets, impose pages in a variety of configurations, stamp documents with semi transparent or opaque stamps, resize pages, add Bates Numbers, fix your printer’s registration shift, process thousands of documents at a time, etc. The latest version for PDF Snake is Version 4.01. It supports Adobe Acrobat full Version 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0. PDF Snake gives you a 30-day-free-trial period. You can download the application via the link here.

Once you have installed PDF Snake, restart your PC. When you reopen the program, you can see there is additional PDFSnake in the menu bar. You can start using the additional function for your editing work. PDF Snake features a few new functions to assist you better: –
a. One-Step Impose: This is the PDF Snake’s main tool which allows you to quickly specify an imposition layout

b. One-Step Booklet: This function takes any document, re-orders the pages, and performs imposition so the resulting document can be printed and stapled down the middle to make a booklet. It can also handle book binding and page creep.

c. One-Step Watermark: A watermark is a faint background image that appears under the content of a document. PDF Snake’s One-Step Watermark feature will let you use any other page as a watermark, and slide it under the contents of the document. It handles scaling and rotation for you, so that watermarking is one easy step.

d. One-Step Stamp: PDF Snake’s One-Step Stamp feature stamps the selected page range in the current document with the first page from any other document. It performs any necessary scaling too.

e. Batch Process: This tool allows you to run any of PDF Snake’s other tools on multiple documents at once.

PDF Speedup
PDF Speedup is an accelerator tool to speed up the time it takes to load Adobe Reader. If you are a frequent user of Acrobat Reader, you might have noticed that the Adobe Reader program consumes a lot of time to load. This is because the application also loads other plug-ins which might not be necessary for you at that time. With PDF Speedup, you will be given the option to manually enable or disable the plug-ins that are not in use. PDF Speedup can disable the splash screen during program startup, disable browser integration, disable confirmation dialog when closing Adobe Reader and clear Adobe Reader’s recent files history. By disabling these functions, the loading time can be reduced. PDF Speedup is a freeware and it can be downloaded via the link here.