Daily routine and monotonous chores can have a bludgeoning effect on the senses; in this day and age, nothing translates more into habit than opening the same browser and logging in to the same websites. To add some spice to the dull and monotonous browsing experience, Mozilla’s new Personas 2.0 allows you to do some window dressing on the themes of your Firefox browser so that you can have more fun and enjoy a cooler and neater appearance on your browser as and when you need it.

Personas 2.0 which has been released lately offers users an easier way to dress up and prettify their Firefox browser with thousands of themes and skins available from the Personas Gallery. Unlike other Firefox theme add-on applications, users do not need to install the selected themes from the Personas gallery every time they want to change a theme. Users just need to install Personas 2.0 to their Firefox browser. With Personas 2.0 installed, users just need to move the mouse over the themes selected in the Personas gallery and wait for a few seconds to preview the effect. Once users are satisfied, just click to the button, “Wear It” to apply the theme selected. Users can change the themes as many times as they like. If they want to undo the design or go back to the default look, they can click on the little fox in the bottom left corner of their browser and enter their choices, e.g. My Recently Selected, Most Popular, Default, etc accordingly.

Personas 2.0 allows Firefox users to personalize their browser and add excitement to it. Users can freely change the themes from the Personas Gallery as and when they want. However Personas 2.0 doesn’t come with auto change feature. It would be nicer if this application allowed users to randomly change their themes every time they launch their Firefox browser.