Nowadays most of the mobile phones in the consumer market have been integrated with A-GPS that able to provide useful information including positioning, navigation and weather. Due to that, SoundofMotion has recently announced its VeloComputer 7 for Android smart phones. The VeloComputer is an application that able to transform mobile phones with GPS and accelerometer into an advanced cycling computer with features like trip tracking on Google Maps and cadence without any additional sensor on a bike.


The users able to view their cycling data with Google Maps including GPS route and cadence that is stored on phone in a CSV file format. Furthermore, it provides up to one second trip performance analysis data that can be viewed on Google Earth.

“Strap the phone on a leg with a sport holster or just put it in a pocket of your cycling tights and get cadence from built-in accelerometer, speed and distance from GPS. When pedaling, the built-in accelerometer detects up and down leg motion and calculates cadence in rotations per minute or RPM. This technology frees the bicycle from any sensors on a crankshaft,” said by Vlad Savchenko, founder of SoundOfMotion.

To make the users safety and concentrate on the road rather than on the cycling computer display, the VeloComputer has been incorporated with VeloTones for audible speed and cadence monitoring. In addition, it is ready for the VeloComputer 1-degree precision Bluetooth sensor that provides more accurate results than traditional cycling technology. Currently, the rechargeable version of the sensor is available as a part of SDK and cycling trials.

VeloComputer is available at Android Market, BlackBerry App World and Sony Ericsson PlayNow Arena, and is priced at $14.95 which supports up to 9 languages including English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish.