Venture ArcticVenture Arctic is an ecosystem simulation game that sure will be loved by animal or nature lovers. Developed by Pocketwatch Games, Venture Arctic is the successor to Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa, and has both educational value other than entertainment during gameplay. Venture Arctic is pretty much similar to Sim series of simulation game, where the game allows players to build and manage ecosystems of Arctic animals by interacting with the environment using “tools of nature”, such as the sun, snow, wind, and sickness.

Features of Venture Arctic:

  • Extreme seasonal change defines the cycle of life in the northernmost reaches of the globe.
  • Forces of nature – Collect the “spirits” of departed animals and spend them to control the forces of nature. Blow the smells of a beached whale to a starving wolverine or blanket the tundra in snow and ice to weed out the weak musk ox from the strong.
  • Environmentalism – Experience the effects of climate change and mass extinction. Experiment with how animal relationships change when the weather is unseasonably warm or when a species is knocked out of the food chain.
  • The ultimate animal game – no human.
  • Native American Lore – Authentic Inuit sculpture and lore inspire the story and the artwork. Unlock the traditional legends that form the basis for the game’s storyline. Music is a reinterpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concerto using Inuit-inspired instruments and instruments brought to the region by explorers.
  • Educational Games – fun information about marine and terrestrial animals of the northern reaches. Best of all, strategies for success revolve around understanding the authentic animal behaviors and the challenges of ecosystem stewardship.
  • Five different environments in the game, from an oil-rig off the coast of Svalbard, Norway, to a new pipeline disturbing the Caribou herds in the Alaskan level.

Venture Arctic Game Play

To highlight the popularity of Venture Arctic, the game had receive plenty of awards, such as Sim Game of the Year and 28th Best Indie Game of All Time. The game is not expensive, at just $19.99. but from now till new year, everybody can get the Venture Arctic game for free with serial key number to unlock full version.

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Free Venture Arctic Full Version Game

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Download setup installer for Venture Arctic:

Windows: SetupVentureArctic.exe
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