Very Best of Naxos Early MusicClassical music lovers now has a chance to add more MP3s into the favorite music collection, for free. Amazon is giving away full complete “Very Best of Naxos Early Music” album for free download in MP3 format without any payment. “Very Best of Naxos Early Music” is a compilation album released by Naxos Records, one of the two largest-selling classical record labels in the world, featureing the best from Naxos’ Early Music series.

Song Titles and Tracks Listing of “Very Best of Naxos Early Music”

  1. With all our hearts: With all our heart
  2. Missa Entre vous filles: Kyrie
  3. Basse Danse, “La Magdalena”
  4. Nova vobis gaudia
  5. Kyrie eleison (Christian-Arabic Tradition, Lebanon)
  6. The Lamentation of David (arr. A. L’Estrange): The Lamentation of David [Song 5] (arr. A. L’Estrange)
  7. Lord Willobies Welcome Home
  8. Quam pulchra es, JD 44
  9. Ricercare No. 2: Ricercare secondo
  10. Tulerunt Dominum meum
  11. La mi la sol, la sol la mi: La mi la sol
  12. O vos imitatores excelse

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