Nothing can beat the Japanese for coming up with sexist devices or programs. What works best when you take up a weight loss program? A virtual nagging woman to keep you away from that juicy steak or calorie-rich pasta. You just have to key in your vital statistics in to “Your Virtual Wife” and adhere to the diet plan. Four daily naggings in the form of emails should keep the weight watcher on track. You can even choose the woman who is your virtual wife and who does the nagging.

There is a gentle nurse, a sexy manicurist, a caring maid and a high-flying businesswoman. Depending on the woman you choose, and your progress in following the health plan, the nags will change from gentle to moderate and bossy. The service is free and may provide some fun if not help you to lose weight. It should also fulfill the fantasy of those who have a kinky desire for Japanese beauties. However, the Japanese language used throughout “Your Virtual Wife” may pose a barrier to those who don’t understand Japanese.