Microsoft has released the latest preview of Windows Vista SP1 on MSDN last week. Microsoft has highlighted that MSDN subscribers can download the preview from MSDN via the download link posted by Microsoft. According to Microsoft, the new release of Vista SP1 has attended to reliability and performance issues as well as provides support for new hardware and several emerging standards. However, Microsoft has surprisingly removed the notice from MSDN site.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate Preview can originally access at this URL. However before all Vista enthusiasts jumping to joy for near-stable release of SP1, Microsoft posted a notice on MSDN that Windows Vista SP1 RC Preview was actually posted mistakenly.

The MSDN notice about a Windows Vista SP1 RC Preview was posted mistakenly. No code was released today and the MSDN notice has since been removed from the MSDN site. We do expect to issue a Release Candidate for SP1 and are still on target to deliver the RTM in Q1 of CY2008; however, we have no other news to share at this time.

Even though SP1 RC Preview has been retracted, for now, given the expected release date of SP1 in before March 2008, Vista users will likely to see SP1 Release Candidate sooner rather than later.