Users who are using NEC laptops especially NEC LaVie and VersaPro series notebook PCs need to pay some attention to the latest notice from the largest PC manufacturer in Japan. Users who have purchased NEC Lavie L and Lavie F notebook from May 2003 to April 2004, Lavie G Type L and Type F computers made from May 2003 to August 2004, and VersaPro computers manufactured between May 2003 and March 2006 can send back their PC to NEC for servicing and repair.

NEC Corp is offering this free repair to all the aforesaid purchasers because there are some serious defects found in these computer models. Japan’s computer giant in an official statement revealed that these computers could start emitting smoke and a smell resembling melting plastic. This problem arises because the wires are too taut and they have been installed too close to the main part of the computer. There is a possibility of triggering a fire even though the manufacturer claims that the fire is unlikely to happen since the computer is made of flame-resistant material.

The voluntary recall offered by NEC will affect approximately 970,000 Lavie and VersaPro computers. The computer manufacturer has received 261 reports on this problem and it estimates at least 120 more computers could have the same problem. The corrective action taken by NEC is encouraging even though it may incur a big loss and create some inconvenience and difficulties for users. Having said that, the incident has badly affected the image of NEC. It is quite unacceptable for such a big organization to have taken such a long period to detect the defects in its products.