Vue 8 PioneerVue is a 3D software package for the creation, animation, and rendering of natural 3D environments. Vue is available in six versions: xStream, Infinite, Complete, Pro Studio, Esprit, and Pioneer, Vue Pioneer been the edition with fewest feature sets. Although at the low end range of Vue series of product, Vue Pioneer is a great way to learn 3D, and fully functional to compose and create 3D landscapes with ability to select the best point of view and render hyper-realistic images of landscapes in moody atmospheres.

Features and Usage of Vue 8 Pioneer:

  • Create amazingly detailed 3D Worlds in any style – photo-realistic, illustration, fantasy, abstract with no drawing skills required.
  • Produce images in superb photo-realistic quality and vibrant colors for print and web.
  • Bring to life stories, comics and cartoons, poems or games.
  • Create still and animated backgrounds.
  • Illustrate presentations and documents.
  • Simulate geologically realistic environments, from archeologically accurate worlds to a possible evolution of the Earth.
  • Easily create professional 3D titling effects for own videos and DVDs.
  • Invent original wallpapers and screensavers, posters, postcards, calendars, stickers.
  • Represent yourself, your friends and family in the most exotic and fantasy worlds or funny situations – travel to deep and savage mangroves or desert islands lost in the ocean.
  • Design original websites.
  • Create dazzling animations – animate user entire world, from the smallest plant to the biggest cloud and walk, drive and fly through them.
  • Wide selection of presets.
  • Unrivaled natural 3D creation power.
  • Renders at Full HD resolution.
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content.
  • One click to create a terrain, one click to grow a new plant, one click to add 3D text, etc without worry about perspective, lighting or shadows.

Vue 8 Pioneer is developed by e-on software for Cornucopia3D, and is now available as freeware. Vue 8 Pioneer is derived from the research e-on software makes for the high-end products it sells to large special effects studios. Vue 8 Pioneer is full version product which different from PLE (Personal Learning Edition), which is a trial version with watermarks on the renders (although there is logo imprinted). Vue 8 Pioneer, which can be used forever, also can be upgraded to higher end versions of Vue, and user can exchange scenes with other Vue users.

Vue 8 Pioneer Limitations:

  • Pictures carry a logo.
  • Cannot import 3D models.
  • Vue 8 Pioneer is for home use only.
  • Vue 8 Pioneer is provided “as is”, without any technical support.

Vue 8 Pioneer can be downloaded from Vue 8 Pioneer setup installer is available for 32 and 64-bit Windows versions and Universal Mac builds. User will have to create a Cornucopia3D account (if you don’t already have one) to use the product.

Direct Download Links for Vue 8 Pioneer: