Instead of opening multiple Windows or tabs, it might be preferable for some users to open a single page but still monitor the constantly real-time information flowing in, e.g. emails, RSS feeds, social networks update, latest news, etc. Vysr has recently introduced the latest version of its browser extension application, RoamAbout 2.0, which enables users to integrate some apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc into the Vysr toolbar within the browser and communicate with the apps contextually while browsing other web sites.

Vysr is a small browser plugin for both Firefox and IE when it was officially launched last year. The app has thence opened up its platform and allowed third party developers to deploy their applications on this browser plugin. When this application is installed, the Vyser OpenBar will appear vertically at the bottom of the browser and it is contextually sensitive.

The latest RoamAbout 2.0 basically tackles the common problem faced by net users whereby they need to constantly switch to other pages when they need to check for new mail in the inbox, notification from social networks sites such as Twitter or Facebook, news, RSS feeds and so on. With Roam 2.0, users will be alerted from the OpenBar on these events. Roam About 2.0 currently offers 46 applications which can be added to the plug-in, e.g. Gmail, GoogleMaps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Lastfm, ESPN and so on.

RoamAbout 2.0 is currently available for Firefox only. The IE version is coming soon.