If you are looking for a way to do some automated tasks such as file backup or movie download in the middle of the night without any user’s intervention, here is a good freeware that you can consider. Named as WakeOnStandBy, it simplifies the setup process so that you can schedule any program to run automatically at a predefined timeline.

Once download and execute the utility (without installation required), it will bring you to a simple GUI. Basically there are only five steps required to set this up correctly. First, users can specify the time to wake up the computer automatically. Users can choose to turn on monitor, keep screen on afterwards and etc. Then, just browse to the specific program, file or even webpage to run on schedule when the PC wakes up. Besides, users can specify what to do next, either to hibernate, standby or shut down the computer once the task is completed. Good thing is, all these steps can be put in repeated mode which is good there is a need to perform periodic file backup automatically. Once all these are set, just click on ‘Start’ button to execute the program as desired.

Other than suitable to be used in normal office and home applications, the utility can be innovatively deployed in vehicle infotainment system to speed up booting time at any time. Compatible with Windows Operating System, users can download it here for immediate use.