The leading company in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries, Nokia has partnered with Warner Music Group to make Warner diverse catalog of new stars and legendary artists available through Nokia Music Stores and Comes With Music service.

“Warner Music Group has been a pioneer in developing new digital music business models and we are very pleased to have them supporting both the Nokia Music Store and Comes With Music,” said Tero Ojanpera, executive vice president and head of the Nokia Entertainment and Communities business. “Comes With Music enables people to access great content, provides artists to wider exposure with new and existing fans, and creates new revenue for all stakeholders.”

The Nokia’s Comes With Music program is expected to be launched during second half of this year on a range of Nokia devices in selected territories.

“Nokia’s Comes With Music service will be a significant step forward in the evolution of digital music. It’s the first global initiative to fundamentally align the interests of music companies with telecommunications companies,” said Edgar Bronfman, Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group. “Through this innovative service and business model, all parties are equally driven to create the best and most comprehensive music offering designed to meet the ever-expanding consumer appetite for music and music-enabled devices.”