Macworld Expo and ConferenceMacworld Conference and Expo 2009 show is running from January 5 to 9, 2009 in San Francisco. The unique thing about 2009 Macworld is that it will be the last conference and expo that Apple, the company that makes it all, participates. What will be Macworld without Apple? And it’s also the first time since 1997 that the Macworld keynote address presentations aka Stevenotes, is not delivered by Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself.

With or without Steve Jobs, the keynote address for Macworld 2009 is still carried on, presentation speaker as Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple Worldwide Product Marketing. During the Macworld 2009 keynote, Apple announced the release of iLife ’09, iWork ’09, and the new 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro. Other major change is that iTunes would begin to sell all music DRM-free, and at three different prices of USD $0.69 cents, $0.99 cents, $1.29. The new retailing price departs from Apple’s previous model of selling all music for just .99 cents each, and all music tracks downloaded is locked with DRM to restrict playback on iPod and iPhone only. The iTunes songs can now be downloaded over 3G networks on the iPhone too.

The keynote address by Philip Schiller video is been uploaded to Apple server for everybody’s online on-demand (VOD) streaming webcast viewing. The video clip is available exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4. To view the Macworld 2009 keynote webcast, go to, or download directly the video clip (by right clicking on the link and choose Save Link As or Save Target As).

With the introduction of 17-inch MacBook Pro, here’s the commercial video ad for the new MacBook Pro: