YouTube has further enhanced its features by allowing users to view YouTube feature length videos in theater format. Users can enjoy watching these feature length video clips in a completely dark and non-distracting background. There are two buttons at the left top corner of the YouTube feature length video clips, namely Theatre View and Light Off. Clicking on the Light Off button will fade out the rest of the page and turn it into a dark background. Another click to the Theatre View button will move the display panel into the middle of your screen and the panel will then slowly expand to fill a larger area. With these two option buttons, users can watch the selected feature length video in a theater atmosphere although there is no popcorn provided by YouTube.

Users who want to give it a try can browse these two feature length videos that display the new feature: Randall Munroe’s talk at Google and Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford. For other feature length videos, users can browse the YouTube site and restrict the search result to feature length videos only by appending &longform=1, e.g.