It is quite common to share pictures online nowadays and some of these images could be easily being stolen and that is how watermarking tool is important here. Although there are many different watermarking tools out there but in case you are not fully satisfied with any of them, here is a very simple and useful tool that you can consider. Named as WaterMarkLib, it allows users to insert any text and image watermarks into your pictures so that at least you can get some credits if your hard work has been taken by other without your notification.


Once install and launch the utility, it will bring users to a simple interface. Over here, all actions are self explanatory in nicely arranged buttons so that users can browse for any specific image files (could be in jpg, png, bmp and etc) followed by the addition of either text or image watermarking. Simply clicking on the ‘Add Text Watermark’ or ‘Add Image Watermark’ will add them to the image respectively. With just a move of mouse, users can position the respective watermark at desired point with customizable font, style, opacity and many more. In order not to overwrite the original image files, users can optionally choose the output destination so that the new image files with watermarks will be stored without affecting the original files.

This is quite useful especially you are posting a lot of online images and compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, users can get a free download here for immediate use.