Wanted to have weather forecast information at your finger tip with direct display on your iOS devices’ mainscreen? Now with the new tweak from Cydia, users will be able to enjoy such feature on their jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Named as WeatherIcon, the tweak is great for those that would like to have a quick summary of all the weather information without browing to any weather forecast websites which could be time wasting. For the start, just head over to Cydia and under ‘Search’, key in ‘WeatherIcon’ will list down the respective app ready for download. Once Springboard restart, the tweak will take effect with a new icon appeared on your Springboard. Go to Settings -> Weather Icon and you will notice that there are some configurations that you can set. For instance, there is a way to set the frequency on how fast the weather information gets updated/refreshed, how the image or temperature (in either Celsius or Fahrenheit) will be displayed in its status bar, or even an icon or badge show displayed on Springboard and many more.

Even though the weather information is still quite limited, but since it is free for download under ModMyi repository, no harm to try it out on your iOS devices to receive additional weather forecast at your finger tip.