For human resource personnel, you can actually create your organization chart through the web-based charting service provided by OrgPlus Live, a web-based organizational charting service designed to make charting easier to create, maintain and share. This web-based OrgPlus Live from HumanConcepts offers you a 14-day trial period. If you need to do some simple charting and your needs are modest or short-term, there is no harm to try it out.


This Flash-based program works well with Firefox 2.0 and IE6 & IE7. It comes with a simple interface and provides a set of handy tools for users to do charting. It furnishes you with a few templates to create some professional-looking charts. There is an import wizard which allows you to import data from Microsoft Excel or the OrgPlus desktop to create large charts.

Once you subscribe to the service from OrgPlus Live, you can start logging in to your account to create your org chart. The chart created can be published online or imported to PowerPoint slides, Excel or even to Adobe acrobat. It’s very convenient.