If you feel that Windows Aero no longer can satisfy your higher and higher appetite and request for advanced visual effects, Wheelie is small program utility that reinvent how user browses the Internet by providing a new way to switch between tasks and application windows and stripping away unwanted stuff from the web pages. Wheelie also capable to manage and flip through the images found based on a search term.

It’s pretty hard to explain what’s the capabilities of Wheelie in word, as the features set of Wheelie is innovative. The developers of Wheelie calls its features as stunts, and has published various demo video to show off the ‘stunt’, which in essence are also the guide on how to use the Wheelie.

Application switching by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen, and then roll the mouse wheel to flip through active Windows thumbnails.

Quick Search Mode by placing the mouse at the edge of the screen and then type a search keyword to fill the screen with image results. Roll the mouse wheel to flip though the pictures found.

User can stick Wheelie to the screen with a mouse click (or Win key), roll the images search results, click on images to open viewer windows, zoom thumbnails by clicking the mouse wheel (or double click the left mouse button) and drag thumbnails.

With the Wheelie zooming capability, user can zoom and watch any web video content full screen, even in the absence of a full screen button.

Wheelie opens an image viewer when you drag a picture from a web browser to the edge of the screen until Wheelie pops up and then release the mouse button.

Wheelie is currently in beta phase, compatible with Google Desktop Sidebar and RocketDock, supports most versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Windows Aero will probably make the effect better. Wheelie can be downloaded from lectromagnetic.com. The beta 2 of Wheelie can be directly downloaded here.