WhiteSmoke is one of the leading English writing improvement software and writing enhancement software. WhiteSmoke equips with innovate proofreading and editing tool to help user write better. The latest version of WhilteSmoke, WhiteSmoke 2009, comes with tools such as Grammar Checker, Style Checker, Spell Checker, Punctuation Checker, Dictionary-Thesaurus and Letter Templates to ensure up-to-par English while composing. it also features grammar error explanations, English lessons and tips, AutoCorrect, and able to give visual alert or notifier everywhere whenever error is detected.

WhiteSmoke enrichment software has a range of products to suit the need of people from different background or different kind of task or job. The functionality are the same, only the vocabulary is different. That’s why the different product is called Writing Profiles for WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke provides some professional writing profiles such as business, creative, hi-tech, bio-medical and executive, which contains a specialized dictionary–thesaurus and spelling database suitable for a particular field of writing. However, in most cases, the General Writing Profile is sufficient for normal use, as it includes the core grammar checker, spell checker, and style enhancement features common to all WhiteSmoke versions, and a dictionary–thesaurus and spelling database suitable for general writing needs. And, WhiteSmoke General Writing Profile edition is the cheapest among all products available, retail at price of $79.95.

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