Since the first release of Winamp player by Justin Frankel in 1997, today it has becomes one of most popular if not the best MP3 player for Windows operating systems. Although a lot of features and improvement have been included in each newer version but till the latest version of Winamp, it still does not support the integration with Windows 7 taskbar. To enable this features, an addition plug-in is required, which is called as Win7shell. Win7shell is a small plug-in for Winamp that makes it integrates with the new taskbar of Windows 7 to support Jump Lists.


Win7shell includes the following features:

  • Shows playback status and progress in the icon background of the taskbar icon.
  • Uses taskbar icon to display a “VU meter”.
  • Shows playback status using icon overlays on the taskbar icon.
  • Customizes the aero peek thumbnail with – Winamp logo, album art, customized information about the current media playing and custom image file.
  • Adds player control buttons on the aero peek thumbnail.
  • Adds the playing media to the ‘Recent’ category of the jump list.
  • Winamp is now easier to find in 3DFlip.
  • Allows enable, disable or customize the plug-in’s features

Win7shell is available for free download.

Download Win7Shell