Software designers and developers who are working on software applications which are tailor-made for the upcoming Windows 7 are now allowed to download Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program Documentation. This document outlines the technical requirements and eligibility qualifications an application must meet in order to participate in the Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program.

To control the application’s compatibility and reliability on computers running on Windows 7, Microsoft has introduced this Windows 7 Software Logo program which draws out some policies and requirements for software developers’ guidance. Microsoft via this program wish to ensure all the Windows 7 logo’ applications are easy to install, deliver good performance, feature high security and most importantly prove reliable when running on the Windows 7 platform.

Besides Windows 7, the technical requirements available in this Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program Documentation have also been extended to Microsoft’s next generation OS, Windows 8. Microsoft has highlighted that some of the contents and guidelines may become requirements of future updates to the Logo Program.

Download Links:

Windows 7 Client Software Logo.pdf
Windows 7 Client Software Logo.xps