Multi-touch is another excellent feature developed by Microsoft to improve and simplify the way users communicate or interact with their computers. This more direct and natural way of interaction was demoed in May this year and received quite positive response from the public. This multi-touch function has been further developed by Microsoft with the introduction of Windows 7 during the PDC 8. With this multitouch technology, the input process has been improved tremendously through the multiple simultaneous inputs. Multitouch is likely to be ubiquitous and develop into a new trend in just a matter of time. If you are a developer who is keen on exploring the new Windows 7 multi-touch capabilities, there is great news for you now.

The leading designer and developer of touch screen technology, NextWindow, has released a new touch screen driver that enables touch functionality within Microsoft’s new Windows 7 Operating System. Developers or users who want to take full advantage of this multi-touch functionality can download it from NextWindow site after submitting some basic information.