Windows 7 LogoMicrosoft has just announced the editions or SKUs that will be available for sales and purchase for Windows 7, without any official pricing details yet. But, a German website, has leaked the non-binding Windows 7 price recommendations for dealers and OEMs. Note that the news is not verified, and from the many wrong information about features for each editions of Windows 7 presented in the article, it’s likely that the Windows 7 price list is fake or wrong too.

The Microsoft recommended retail price for various editions or SKUs of Windows 7:

Windows 7 Starter Edition: USD $199.95
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition: USD $259.95
Windows 7 Professional Edition: USD $299.95
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition: USD $319.95

Lacking is the pricing details for upgrade version of Windows 7 where Microsoft is expected to even allow Windows XP to upgrade to Windows 7, and price for Windows 7 sold via OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or System Builder channel, which meant for new PC but has considerably lower price tag.

If the pricing of Windows 7 is valid as above, Windows 7 will have the similar price with Windows Vista after its price drop after a year into launching. However, it’s still considerably cheaper when comparing with price of Windows Vista on initial launch time.

Update: Microsoft has announced official Windows 7 full version packaged product (FPP) and upgrade prices.