Microsoft has posted several Windows 7 tours that provides insightful guided tour of Windows 7 in action. The product tours are posted on official Windows 7 website as part of marketing material let you new Windows 7 users know their way around the operating system, and are starred by Latika Kirtane, a Microsoft Engineer, who guides the interactive tour of Windows 7.

There are currently 4 videos of Windows 7 product tours available on Windows 7 site. Interested users who view the Windows 7 product tours below, and download the video clips too. To download the videos, right click on video link (URL) and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”.

Note: Windows Media Player plugin is required to view the video.

Windows 7 interactive tour
Video Download Link: 4dddd2f9-5c8e-43a6-a85d-9be94787a2bd.wmv

Simplifies everyday tasks
Video Link Location: 85a42c15-ce7a-43ab-bd32-d345f2f9fe2c.wmv

Works the way you want
Video Link Location: d83682d7-9a1f-4a2a-b3af-65890b62d6e0.wmv

Makes new things possible
Video Link Location: ad140cbe-45e6-4fc7-8b00-dc0cefd47eda.wmv