The final release date of Windows 7 has been confirmed. Windows 7 will be generally available for commercial purchase and retail sales on October 22nd, 2009, just in time for holiday shopping season, said Senior Vice President Bill Veghte of Microsoft’s Windows business unit and Steve Guggenheimer of OEM business unit in an interview during Computex 2009. The date has been speculated for a while, and in fact, the RTM date is much earlier as October is when end-user consumer can buy the operating system from store’s shelves.

The final build of Windows 7 is expected to be released to manufacturing (RTM) much earlier and sent to Microsoft Partners by the middle or end of July.

Microsoft will also offer a free upgrade to Windows 7 technology guarantee program that gives consumers who buy a Windows Vista machine close to Windows 7 launch date a free or discounted copy of the Windows 7 when launched. Previously, it has been leaked that the program may start from July 1, but the actual duration which free upgrade is automatically entitled appears to be much shorter, probably only start a month before Windows 7 release.

Earlier, Bobby Watkins, Acer’s UK Marketing Director had told media that 23rd October, 2009 is the date the Windows 7 will be available, in retail or OEM PC. He added that customers who buy a PC installed with Windows Vista Home Premium or higher-priced editions from 30 days before will entitle to get Windows 7 for free. However, both Windows 7 pricing and the upgrade pricing, if any (which is up to individual computer makers) is yet to be determined.

For users who can’t wait, Windows 7 RC is available for free download with free product keys which can activate the system till expiry date of June 2010.

Update: Windows 7 RTM release schedule and launch information