Windows Automation Macro Recorder (WAMR) is an utility that automates repetitive and boring tasks on Windows based computers. WAMR can record all operation, movement and action of mouse, mouse click and keystrokes, and saves them as macros, then playback the recorded macros to automate tasks any number of times in exact sequences.

Windows Automatic Macro Recorder also has task scheduler to schedule running macro at scheduled time. The key features of Windows Automatic Macro Rocorder include:

  • Record all events of mouse and keystrokes of any Windows applications.
  • Repeat playing back macros for any number of times.
  • Allow you to do things that are tedious or time-consuming without actually doing them yourself.
  • Play back macros at schedule time.
  • Easy to use and don’t need any programming knowledge.

Windows Automation Macro Recorder is giving away free copy of Windows Automation Macro Recorder today (December 1, 2008). To grab a copy of Windows Automation Macro Recorder for free without cost, download the setup installer for the WAMR program, and then use the following registration code to activate the product into full version.

Registration Code: A0A41DAA-12BD-44c3-B3AA-FC9DFE04C089

Free License Key for Windows Automation Macro Recorder

Alternatively, user can download the trial version of Windows Automation Macro Recorder from developer’s site,, and then enter the license key code above to register the product as full version.