Windows Installer, which previously known as Microsoft Installer is a common engine for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software on modern Microsoft Windows systems. The installation package often known as MSI files for its extension. Although it’s the recommended way to install a program in Windows OS as application can synchronize correctly with other installers and keep internal installed products database consistent for reliable rollback and versioning, but Windows Installer is not without failure.

One of the most common problem with .MSI setup installer is installation failure. When installation fails, a partly installed program or remnant is left on the system. When setup fails, aborted or stops without reason, user is left in state of helplessness. He or she cannot runs or launches the program, and unable uninstall or remove the incomplete piece of software copied, either Add or Remove Programs does not have entry yet, or Windows Installer assumes the app is not yet installed, or installation files are corrupted.

Worse still is that if user tries to install or reinstall the program again, it will be unsuccessful. Some applications even response with error that the program is already installed, or a previous installation is not completed, as it detects bits and pieces of the software in the registry and folders.

To fix and resolve the Windows Installer issue related to installation of software application, rule of thumb is that the first resolution is usually to try to remove any partially installed or partially uninstalled program by reinstalling the program, and then try uninstallation again. If this process fails, Microsoft has prepared Windows Installer CleanUp Utility that may be able to help.

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility can be used to remove installation information for programs that were installed by using Windows Installer. It’s useful in the situation where installation or uninstallation of a program using Widnows Installer fails or aborted half way, with remnants leftover on the PC.

Note: Windows Installer CleanUp Utility does not remove or uninstall the actual program from your computer, so it’s not an alternative or replacement for normal uninstaller module.

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility allows user to select one or more programs that were installed by Windows Installer from the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box, and the utility removes only Windows Installer configuration information that is related to those programs. Or, user can opt to remove all Windows Installer information associated with the selected programs. This includes the entries for the programs in the Add Or Remove Programs item in Control Panel. Windows Installer CleanUp Utility does remove the installation files so that user can start the installation, upgrade, or uninstall from scratch again.

Windows Installer Clean Up Utility supports both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) of Windows operating system. User requires to log on to Windows with a computer administrator role user account in order to perform the action. More information about the Windows Install CleanUp Utility can be found at KB290301 or KB932857.

Note: Microsoft has withdrew the Windows Install CleanUp Utility. According to Microsoft, while the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer. Because of this, the tool has been removed from the Microsoft Download Center. As such, unofficial mirror is used, and download as your own risk.

Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility version 3: msicuu2.exe (351 KB)

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility v3 is also known as version (file version) or version 7.2.

Download the free Windows Installer CleanUp Utility: msicuu2.exe