Windows Live Help Solutions CenterWindows Live Team has released Windows Live Help Online Solutions Center to provide help and support for, well, surprisingly, Windows Live Hotmail. As such, the Windows Live Help is also known as Windows Live Hotmail Online Solutions Center (WLHSC) currently, as the main focus of the solution central website is to provide support solutions for Windows Live Hotmail.

The new Windows Live Solutions Center effectively replaces the consumer email support and other technical support channel for Windows Live Hotmail, except billing support for our Windows Live Hotmail Plus users which has not changed. Instead, Windows Live Hotmail users now can get almost immediate and real-time support through the community and access to all the latest support contents for their error messages and top issues.

Microsoft intends to use Windows Live Solutions Center as the first step towards showing the benefit an engaged and trusting community can bring to supporting people; not products. On the center, there will be Microsoft staff solving customer problems, moderating the website, posting vital information, also also spreading the tips and tricks regarding the Windows Live Hotmail Service. Hotmail updates and server outages will also be posted on the solution center by the Windows Live Hotmail team.

Windows Live Solutions Center does not yet officially provide support and help for users using other Windows Live products and services, although more services may be covered at a later stage. However, although WLHSC currently focuses on Windows Live Hotmail, it doesn’t stop user from posting question or asking for help request on other Windows Live areas, as there are literally thousands of contributors, Windows Live moderators or agents, and Microsoft employees who are around for help. However, whether the new portal can solve the massive requests to revert and restore back to classic MSN Hotmail UI remains to be seen.