Windows Mobile 6.5 is the next minor version upgrade, but with significant improvements and new features added including new Internet Explorer Mobile browser dubbed “IE 6 On 6”, to the Windows Mobile compact operating system which powered lots of mobile and phone devices such as Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles, which is expected to be available inside a phone in the second half of 2009, with Microsoft plans to unveil WM6.5 at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in February 2009.

For users who are using a Windows Mobile device which based on HTC Blue Angel, such as O2 XDA IIs, Orange SPV M2000, Dopod 700, Siemens SX66, Qtek 9090 and T-Mobile MDA III, the Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Beta ROM for these WM devices has been leaked.

Sun_Dream has posted the leaked ROM of Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta for HTC Blue Angel at forum. Version 6.5 of the Windows Mobile custom built ROM for HTC Blue Angel includes the following features:

  • MsTouch (UPDATE)
  • TouchRecognizer
  • Touch LockScreen
  • IE6 [IE Mobile8.12Pro] 2009 Only for 6.5
  • CMHome For WM6.5PRO
  • Live For WM6.5

Also included is the usual OEM applications for HTC Blue Angel:

  • Windows Media 10.3 For ATI
  • BTBPP 1_6_5_0
  • USSD_Service
  • WiFi Workaround Service
  • HTC_WPA-TKIP_Plugin
  • TouchImageViewer
  • HTC_TIACXWLN [new]
  • HTCBA_Camera
  • HTC_OEMExtDll
  • LargeTitleBar 4_44_0
  • HTC-TaskMgr2.1.qvga
  • HTC_Bluetooth Explorer 1.2.33300
  • EnlargeStartMenu 1_2_35331_1
  • HTCSettings 3_0_32218_0
  • HTCMidi 2.0

The Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM has the following build version number after flashing:

CE OS 5.2.21139 (Build 21139.5.0.0)
Radio version: 1.15.00

Download the WM 6.5 Pro Beta ROM image for HTC BlueAngel: (link removed due to copyright claim by Microsoft) To extract the content, use the following password: fQLMRCqn;w4^zdsgferECA@6bn*^FMTMG9 Screenshot of Windows Mobile 6.5 powered HTC BlueAngel mobile device. HTC Blue Angel with Windows Mobile 6.5 Here's the HTC Blue Angel with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Beta ROM in action video clip. Well, you will need to expertise and technical skill to flash upgrade the device ROM though with the leaked Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM image though.