News such as the number of new features added to Windows 7 or the discounts offered in Microsoft’s promotional packages, etc. may be the main focus of attention for many users. However, putting aside these news items, watching the riveting campaigns deployed especially the commercial ads by the Redmond Company can be a form of enjoyment in itself. A director from McCann Worldgroup, an advertising agency, has lately posted a series of Microsoft ads that have never appeared in Microsoft sites before in the Vimeo video sharing site. The “secret” ads series, namely “Life Comes Together”, in fact, are amongst the ads submitted for competition to Microsoft before the Redmond Company finally decided on the Laptop Hunters ads series which lately have received complaints from Apple.

Unlike the Laptop Hunters ads series which focus a lot on the value, price and choice of PCs, the “Life Comes Together” series is more emotional with a poignant human touch. It doesn’t compare Windows features or prices with competitors such as Apple but relates the Windows experience to human life.

The interesting “Life Comes Together” ads series is listed here for users’ enjoyment:

Life Comes Together/Panoramic

Life Comes Together/Directions

Life Comes Together/Family History

Life Comes Together/Stanley

Life Comes Together/The Phone Call

Life Comes Together/Forrest

Life Comes Together/Natalie

Life Comes Together/Alex

< Life Comes Together/Rose