Ever feel that Windows XP is not fast enough, especially for ultimate gaming experience? Windows Tiny2003 eXperience Edition is a minimalist operating system based on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition but looks and feels as it’s Windows XP which has been fully tweaked and transformed for home use and games play, with ability to run almost all software, applications and programs, including games that runs on Windows XP. Why Windows 2003 Server? According to the hacker of Tiny2003, Windows Server 2003 kernel outperforms Windows XP where it installs faster, boots faster, runs applications faster, manages programs better, never slows down even after days of using, and gives even better frame rates in games over Windows XP.

The latest version of Tiny2003 is named Windows Tiny2003 Rev01 R2 SP2 RC Unattended 3-in-1 Multi-Boot, where it contains CD of customized to be as close to Windows XP as possibe and unattended eXPerience Edition of Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise which allows you to choose from 3 options upon boot up:

  1. Install Windows With Driverpacks (Recommended) (This option will include all drivers for CPU, Chipset, Graphics Card, LAN card, SATA (MassStorage) and Wireless LAN)
  2. Install Windows Without Driverpacks (This option is in case you have problems with any of the included drivers or, you would rather install your own drivers)
  3. Boot Into Acronis Backup + Restore (This option will allow you to make a complete backup of your current partition or hard drive or, restore a previous backup)

The main feature of Windows Tiny2003 or Windows Server 2003 eXperience edition is that Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player 11 have been removed and replaced with Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.1, Thunderbird v1.5.0.9 and as an option install for WMP11. Other open source and free components been installed include DirectX D3DX Updated DLL Libraries (24 to 31), Flash Player v9.0.28.0, FoxIt PDF Reader Pro v2.0.0930, Sygate Personal Firewall Pro v5.6.3408, Windows Movie Maker From Windows XP and WinRAR v3.62.

Beside, Windows Tiny2003 includes more than 200 registry tweaks to make the Windows Server 2003 to behave like Windows XP. Some of the tweaks and hacks are:

  • Monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768 (even in VMware)
  • Turned “Hardware Acceleration” up to full.
  • Removed “Manage Your Server” shortcut from Start Menu.
  • Removed “Windows Server Post Setup Security Updates” screen.
  • Does not show “Manage Your Server” wizard on Startup.
  • DirectDraw and Direct3D is enabled in DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Programs are set to have priority over background program.
  • All “Ctrl+Alt+Del” prompts are disabled.
  • Server 2003 “Shutdown Event Tracker” is disabled.
  • Windows Audio service is enabled.
  • Notepad Tweak – Turned on “WordWrap” in Notepad.
  • Enabled Status Bar in Windows Explorer and Notepad.
  • Removed “Shortcut to” Prefix on Shortcuts.
  • Disabled “Transition Effect” when you right click.
  • Disabled Window Animation.
  • Shows complete filename with extension.
  • Displays DOS filenames in proper text-case.
  • Shows Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Uses Windows Classic Folders.
  • Disabled Balloon Tips.
  • Any open folders restore again when Windows restarts.
  • Disabled automatic restart in the event of a BSOD.
  • Disabled Error Reporting (still notify on critical errors).
  • Disabled Windows Time service.
  • Removed “Language Bar”.
  • Removed “Shared Documents” from My Computer.
  • Renaming of Recycle Bin is allowed.
  • Hung services are killed after 5 secs.
  • Got rid of “Places Bar” in Common Dialog Boxes.
  • Start Menu is speeded up to almost zero delay.
  • Added Notepad as a Right Click Item.
  • Can open NFO files with notepad from the outset.

Windows Tiny2003 Rev01 R2 SP2 RC Unattended 3-in-1 Multi-Boot ISO image also includes some extras such as files to turn of or turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP), ability to save and restore Desktop icon layout, scripts to disable or re-enable services, file sharing, full hardware acceleration, quick shortcut link to Disk Management to solve problem of hard drive not showing by assigning drive letter, hardcore ad-blocker, quick shortcut link to Regional and Language
options where you can add-in an alternate keyboard layout, and MSI File Install Fixer to fix problem install some MSI setup file on Windows Server 2003.

Other freebies included that install silently include Java Runtime Environment v6.0.0.105, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v1.64, Nero Micro v7.7.5.1 (Express + Burning ROM), PerfectDisk Defragmenter v8.0.45, Vista Aero Glass Theme (Uses Windowblinds), VMware Sound Driver v5.0.0.41 (Extracts To Desktop) and Windows Media Player v11.0.5721.5145.

Latest version of Windows Tiny2003 also completely patched with Service Pack 2 (v2825) and
hotfixes such as msxml4-KB927978-enu.exe, msxml6-KB927977-enu-x86.exe and windows-KB890830-V1.24.exe (Malicious Software Removal Tool).

To make the Windows Tiny2003 tiny, small, slim and fast, a lot of useless, unwanted and not necessary components have been removed or uninstalled (see page 2 for list of removed components). So Windows Tiny2003 eXperience edition has the Windows folder which is only 480MB in size.

Download O-Demonoid.com-O_Windows_Tiny2003_Rev01_eXPerience.torrent to download Tiny2003.Rev01.7z by using BT client such as BitComet which contains the ISO to burn to CD.

SHA-512 Checksum for Tiny2003.Rev01.7z with file size of 620 MB (650,480,650 bytes):


Once extracted, you will get a CD ISO image with the file size of 667 MB (699,832,320 bytes). Burn the ISO image to a CD and install Windows Tiny2003 on a freshly formatted partition or hard drive only. Inside this ISO, there is an option in Extra folder to create Tiny2003 BARE ISO which contains only bare ISO file of Tiny2003 that is only 215Mb, with no option to boot into Acronis, does not install any programs apart from Firefox web browser, and does not contain any of the files in the EXTRA folder or any driver packs. If you prefer this smaller size of ISO, you can also directly download Windows Tiny2003 R2 Vista Edition SP2 Unattended CD (Windows-Tiny2003-R2-SP2-RC-Unattended-Vista-Edition-eXPerience.iso) which is only 323MB in size. Although not as slim as latest version (IE7 and WMP11 are left intact), but it’s a smaller download. Download the BT torrent through Demonoid (link removed).

Removed Components:

The components that have been removed from this edition of Windows:

[Applications] Accessibility Options
ClipBook Viewer
NT Backup

[Drivers] Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Cameras and Camcorders
Display Adapters
Display Adapters (old)
IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
Portable Audio
Tape drives
Toshiba DVD decoder card

[Languages] Arabic (Algeria), Arabic (Bahrain), Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Iraq), Arabic (Jordan),
Arabic (Kuwait), Arabic (Lebanon), Arabic (Libya), Arabic (Morocco), Arabic (Oman),
Arabic (Qatar), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (Syria), Arabic (Tunisia), Arabic (U.A.E.),
Arabic (Yemen), Divehi (Maldives), Pashto, Syriac (Syria), Urdu, Armenian, Estonian,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Azeri (Cyrillic), Belarusian, FYRO Macedonian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz
(Kyrgyzstan), Mongolian (Mongolia), Tatar, Ukrainian, Uzbek (Cyrillic), Georgian,
Greek, Hebrew, Gujarati (India), Hindi, Kannada (India), Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi
(India), Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu (India), Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Chinese
(Singapore), Farsi, Thai, Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.), Chinese (Macau S.A.R.),
Chinese (Taiwan), Azeri (Latin), Turkish Uzbek (Latin) and Vietnamese.

[Multimedia] AOL ART Image Format Support
Images and Backgrounds
Luna desktop theme
Mouse Cursors
Music Samples
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Speech Support
Windows Media Player
Windows Sounds

[Network] Client for Netware Networks
Communication tools
Comtrol Test Terminal Program
Connection Manager
File and Print Services for Macintosh
FrontPage Extensions
Internet Connection Wizard
Internet Explorer
Internet Information Services (IIS)
IP Conferencing
NetShell Cmd-Tool
Network Monitor Driver and Tools
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol
Outlook Express
Synchronization Manager
TAPI Application Support

[Operating System Options] .NET Framework
Administration Tools Pack
Administrative Templates
Administrator VB scripts
Color Schemes
Command-line tools
Disk and Profile Quota
Disk Cleanup
Document Templates
DR Watson
Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
Extra Fonts
FAT to NTFS converter
Help and Support
Input Method Editor
Logon Notifications
Manual Install and Upgrade
MS Agent
Private Character Editor
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Search Assistant
Service Pack Messages
Symbolic Debugger (NTSD)
Web View

[Services] Alerter
Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
Beep Driver
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Error Reporting
Fax Service
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
Indexing Service
Message Queuing (MSMQ)
Network DDE
Performance Logs and Alerts
Quality of Service (QoS)
Remote Registry
Removable Storage
Terminal Server Licensing
Text Services Framework
Volume Shadow Copy
Windows Media Services

[Directories] DOCS