Multitasking is unavoidable in today’s PC usage and it is very common to have many applications running simultaneously on your desktop. Sometimes it may create confusion if it is not managed systematically and that is how this tiny software utility can be useful here. Named as WindowsPager, it can create up to four ‘virtual’ desktop so that all the running applications can be grouped properly for more effective daily work. Just imagine, now you can have a virtual workspace dedicated for office related tasks, another one for social networking applications and more.

Once download the .zip file, just double click the executable file and it will stay at the bottom of your desktop screen. Users can start setting up specific virtual workspace by launching new applications from the specific workplace. Whenever there is a need to switch between workspaces, just click on the virtual desktop shortcut and it will switch to the workspace immediately.

WindowsPager consumes around 340kB and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista OS (Operating Systems). Good thing is, it doesn’t require any installation and can be kept in portable thumb drive to be used in mobile stations.