WinGuggle is a small application that can retrienve and get Windows Vista Product Key (also known as CD-Key) easily from the registry. Normally you won’t need WinGuggle, unless you have dislocate or misplace your original Windows Vista DVD disc or its licensed product key, and need to recover and view the product key from the installed Vista for backup.


Other than getting Windows Vista product key back from registry, WinGuggle also can change OEM logo and OEM information, and also Windows Experience Index score in Performance Information and Tools.

Note that OEM manufacturer’s factory installed product key (normally comes with Vista system that is already pre-activated) cannot be used to fresh or clean install Vista. In this case, your personal Vista product key is located on the COA sticker attached on the computer, and using WinGuggle to view OEM product key is useless.

WinGuggle does not require installation. To run WinGuggle, just unpack the archive and execute and application.

Download WinGuggle.