iPhone 3G has been cracked and hacked by hackers within days of official release, with PwnageTool 2.0 has been released previously to jailbreak iPhone 3G or jailbreak and unlock classic iPhone 1G or 2G with or without firmware OS version 2.0. PwnageTool only supports and runnable on Apple Macintosh Mac OS X system. However, an equivalent tool has been developed for Windows based system.

WinPwn is a iPhone unlocking and jail-breaking tool for Windows that compatible with Windows XP and both 32-bit and 64-bit (x86 and x64) Windows Vista. WinPwn is able to jailbreak and unlock older, classic or 1st generation iPhone which now also known as iPhone 1G or 2G and iPod Touch, and jailbreak iPhone 3G. By jail-breaking the iPhone, user can install Apple-unsanctioned, unauthorized or non-official third party applications, and unlocking iPhone allows user to use iPhone on another phone network service provider or carrier, i.e. non AT&T network in US.


In reality, WinPwn, and PwnageTool which still cannot unlock iPhone 3G (although both of them can unlock first generation iPhone) is of lesser use, as jailbreak the iPhone for black market apps will likely to be less required in future. Although there is freedom to install any software applications that is not available or distributed in the App Store. But with the growing list of programs in the AppStore since more and more developers re-writing the software using the iPhone SDK, and more programs will be published via App Store.

WinPwn requires latest version of iTunes (currently iTunes 7.8) to work properly, and users have to uninstall any previous version of the software before installing. The latest version of WinPwn (latest version on 25 July 2008 is WinPwn version which fixes the Ipwner crash problem, 16xx errors and iPod ipswBuilder failure bug), together with how-to guides can be downloaded from winpwn.com.

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  • Bujji


  • Elias

    I’ve been reading these posts…and have been all through the dialog….and looking at this iPhone my sis gave me; silver & 8 gigs, I am still confused by all the paticulars. Says Version 3.1 (7C144) Carrier is AT&T 5.5 then “Modem Firmware” 04.05.04_G …how are y’all getting iOS numbers and these beta numbers? How can I quickly figure exactly which phone I have, and it’s exact operating specs so I can get started? I know it’s one of the first iPhones. My 3GS is sleeker, in design, and black in color. The 8 gig/silver one from my sis, wants I-tunes, or won’t even open….ack! Only taking out the Sim card to do that….anyways, much obliged. Eli

  • Emad

    hello gentlemen plz would someone explaine to me how to jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3g, and here is what happened[it used to work on different Sim from the the original but after i restore it it’s been locked] thank you

  • sameer

    I have 3gs black/noir,16gb

    please send me details and easiest step to unlock the i phone or jail break of ione

  • Kinley Dorji

    My iphone is not in use still, so dont we get any free jailbreaking software, otherwise it would be very expensive to use iphone.

  • John Red

    a custom version of redsnow that unlocks 3.1.3! have fun

  • Witson

    I download jailbreak to my window but now asked me to IPSW seletion tell me please browse 3.2.3 IPSW Files. wait for the verufy and then click the next arrow.>>. What else i have to download again and can some one send something to unlock my iphone from london only i see is emergecy call and diferents languases this my Email. [email protected] waiting for help

  • rex

    jus updated my fone, n it doesnt recognise my sim anymore, donno wat 2 do, somebody help pls

  • w


  • frenchie

    i need the unlock codes for an 8gb i phone for free if its possible

  • hello dears any body can help me i got 8gb i phone bt unfortunatily yestarday it locked i want jailbreak ? thanks

  • pawan dagar

    hi i have 8gb aplle iphone which is locked i need jail breaker for 3.0 version so please send me on my email if anybody can do my help so please let me know abt it……


    could you help me jailbreak my iphone 3g version 3.0 8gb

  • afridi

    i want to unlock my iphone 3g free what should i do

  • Andy

    I have one of the first iPhones that came out, I would like to update my software to the most recent , but cannot find the required free jailbreak download, can some-one help me please

  • y grasis

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  • maria

    unlock iphone 3g

  • brian


    i need help in using my iphone 3G. i just bought it and it was unlocked but now it was somehow being misused. tired to restore it and its locked already. what im seeing now is the emergency call with different languages. can anyone help me?


  • Aashih

    u need ot create custom ipsw file through winpwn and then useitune 8 Shift+restore to use the newly created custom ipsw file and restore the phone. by this method it will jailbreak ur iphone.

  • liew


    Can you show me the way that you use to jailbreak the iphone? I using Iphone 3g 2.0.1 too. I had download winpwn 2.5Beta but when i try to run it show error. Please help

  • Aashih

    I have got Iphone 3g 2.0.1 from US. Now I'n trying to us it in India, I have used Winpwn 2.5Beta and had done the jailbreak the phone, but not able to unlock it, so that I can use the same with other network. Can anyone help me in getting the same unlocked?

    Thanks in advance.


  • al


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