Occasionally when we do research or write reports, for instance, we tend to open up a few Windows displaying the information or data we want to refer or copy while typing the paper. When we want to scroll down a particular Window, of course we need to click on it and make it active before being able to scroll up and down. By doing so, indirectly it will also make the word processing inactive and interrupt our typing. To resolve this problem, Antibody Software has introduced a tiny software utility, WizMouse, which enhances your little mouse and make the mouse wheel work on Windows even though it is inactive. What users need to do is just point the mouse over the particular window and the window can be scrolled up and down although it is inactive.

With WizMouse, users no longer need to click on a window to activate it before being able to scroll it with the mouse wheel. Besides this practical advantage, the app via its WizKey feature enables the mouse wheel in applications that don’t support it. It does this by translating mouse wheel commands into scroll bar commands that all applications can understand and process. In simple words, if users spin the wheel down, WizMouse will virtually click the “down arrow” for you.

Users who want to enhance their mouse’s features can download the latest version of WizMouse via the link here. This app is FREE.